The Jolly Lolly

The Male Deer Exercise is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual ability, and strengthen the body’s sex organs. For best results the Male Deer Exercise should be done when you are naked and relaxed, and when you have a really firm erection, seems to work best with your “morning erection”. To be effective, it should be performed daily. It will give you great sexual energy and will improve your overall physical and mental well-being. Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair, with your cock and balls gently hanging over the edge. It is important to be in a warm environment.

Part 1

It is important to maintain a smile throughout the exercise. Heat your hands by rubbing them furiously together. Cup the right hand around the testicles, holding them gently and warming the scrotum. The thumb of the right hand should rest on top of the base of the penis shaft, right next to the abdomen. Now place your left palm just between your belly-button, and above the base of the penis, rub 81 times in a circular motion in a clockwise position. Use enough pressure so that your palm is warming the area as you make the circular movements. Then rub your hand furiously together again, and then switch hands. So this time cup your balls you’re your left hand and make the circular motions with your right hand in an anti clockwise direction. Breathe deeply throughout your experience and enjoy the warming feelings. Should you start to lose you erection at anytime gently massage your cock back to erection and continue with the exercise, but do not brake the cycle of 81.

Part 2

It is important to maintain a smile throughout the exercise. Now, rest your hands on your lap. Make your hands into fists by encircling your thumbs with your fingers. Pull your finger in tightly as this activates a number of important acupressure points. Continue to breathe deeply and then contract and lift the perineum (the muscles between your balls and your arse). It will seem as you are gently lifting your balls. Keep breathing deeply as you relax while holding the contraction for a minute, or as long as is comfortable. You only need to do this step once. Feel the energy emanate from your peneniem muscle travel around your body, tingly downward to our feet, and upwards through your spine up into your brain. If your not sure which muscle to contract think of the muscle you would use to stop pissing in the middle of a really strong piss, that’s the muscle to contract and lift.

Effects of the Male Deer Exercise:

It is believed the male deer exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body, and helps men to experience full-body orgasms. It can also help to strengthen your erection, increase semen production and promotes prostatic health. For best results it should be performed daily. At the end of the exercise you should give your arse a good wiggle (flutter) as you smile broadly, as if you were a deer.

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