Tantric Lingam Massage 4 Everyman in Manchester

Tantric Massage 4 Everyman with Mr Cox – Saturday, March 26, 2016 @ 2:30 PM. Central Manchester, 5 minutes walk from Piccaddilly Station. Price: GBP49.00 /per person : (Concession : £33.33 for any man that has attended any of our previous workshops). Click here, to join us.

Absolutely anyone can become a successful tantric male masseur. You don’t need any qualifications or certificates. In fact some men have become successful professional tantric masseurs after doing this workshop. Learn how to give a full body tantric male massage using easy to learn techniques in this informative workshop. Click here to find out more.

During the class you will learn about :

• The Great Secret of Tantra – It’s not about copying some-one else’s tantra, it’s about creating your own. Only then is it truly authentic

• The Undressing Ritual – An opportunity to awaken your sensual touch, touch with a magickal intention.

• Spinning the Chakras. A dummy’s guide to understanding your chakra systems

• Shishna Blessings. A magnificent way to begin the lingam part of the massage

• Lingam Massage. 13 amazing techniques to take your massage to a higher level.

• Big Draw Technique – The Big Draw expands the energy created by the lingam massage throughout the entire body.

There will, as ever, be an opportunity to both, give and receive a massage. Please bring a flat sheet, a towel and some food to share. You will find us to be a friendly, relaxed group of gentle-men. This is also a great session for men who are shy, as it will help them to see the possibilities and help to build up confidence in themselves. This one day workshop will guide you to success. Click here to find out more.

Comments from men who have previously attended this workshop

tantric male massage manchester

An extraordinary experience and very worthwhile. I won’t be able to make January’s event but would hope to make those beyond then. ItsNeverThatEasy

Thanks everyone, great afternoon and a nice group of guys. Well worth the 240 mile round trip. I’ll definitely be signing up for more. Carl

As a first timer, the inevitable nerves were flowing but, so too was the loving energy and sense of belonging. A very nice group of guys, all of whom brought something to share – and not just the food! Thank you for such a pleasant first evening. Looking forward to the next x Soulman

Excellent, informative, good to have hands on practice. John

“I am a qualified masseur, who had for years been unsure of which direction to go with this. He encouraged me to go forward with my ideas. I am now gradually and confidently building up a successful business”. Alan

He’s a genuine, Modern-Day Wizard. Certainly, a very powerful Man. Sometimes, you need the right spark of energy from someone to encourage you. He has enabled me to ‘take flight’. For this, I owe him a great debt of gratitude. With Sincerest, and most enormous thanks, Steve B x 06/05/2013

It was only this morning that I realised I would be able to attend. I’m so pleased I did. Great time again. When I’m so focused on the person I’m massaging I forget others are there. Liked listening to the relaxed chatter. I’ll be back. Who wouldn’t be? Duncan

Another great experience.. Thanks to Seb & Co. Will definitely be back for more/. David

“Hi seb. Just a quick line to let u know i started massaging a week ago and have had 9 clients so far. I love my work. Thank u so much for ur advice. I will keep in touch”. Jon in Devon

Seb creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, which enables participants to relax and explore the wonderful world of tantric massage. greg

Hi Seb – since attending I have acquired a number of clients. They have all benefited from the amazing techniques I learned from you and some of them I see regularly. A married guy with a happy grin is a wonderful sight! Thanks again. -nickinsouthend

I really felt at ease and had some great massages, i really did feel some magic from those fingers in my last massage. Thanks for your encouraging words. G

House Rules

We have creating a space where every man is accepted for who he is. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable. Everything that happens in a group is absolutely confidential to that group. You’re welcome to tell others about the class but you should not discuss anything about a particular person who attended. It is absolutely fine to have an erection, it is absolutely fine, not to have. Not only is it bad manners to touch someone without their permission, it is also illegal. Many of our celebration workshops include lingam massage, but there is absolutely clear understanding not to engage in sexual acts. Please arrive with your energy intact: do not attend under the influence of alcohol. Click here to find out more.


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