To caress the world with their magic hands

Seb Cox runs a massage club
Its fair to say he likes to rub
I haven’t been for one just yet
But am I willing – hell, you bet

Other guys with a like-mind
Hone their skills so they’re refined
They practice soothing and relieving
Once you lay down, no way you’re leaving

I wonder if this thought it fair?
Can one massage through thick hair?
My chest is not a forest, true
Considering this will regular oil do?

Seb and his group they have big plans;
To caress the world with their magic hands
I hear they make men feel sublime
Curing man-stress one guy at a time

I wrote this ode in admiration
I tremble at the thought of your stimulation
And if you need a volunteer
Listen up Seb, for I am right here.

(by the wonderful Rich)


the art of male massage

Hi all, I’ve been an avid massage fan for some time now, but only this week have seriously considered taking steps to pursue the art of male massage as a potential sideline career. I haven’t done any research as of yet, but thought I’d start the discussion here as to how those who have achieved any level of success in the field started out? Are qualifications essential, and if so, where/what/how to train? (And where not to train!!) In the meantime, always up for trading, I’m nowhere near a standard to think about any of this anytime soon. (From the discussion forum, Manchester Manhood Massage Meditation)

Brotherhood of Man-chester

Manchester, GB
345 Mighty Members

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Hello,  I have been a successful male masseur for more than 20 years. I have no massage quailification or certificates. It has afforded me a life beyond my expectations. I absolutely love my work. Can I give you two words of advice. Do it!

P.s. The best way to do the research is to get paid for doing it. Offer something unique. Mr Cox