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Hi all, I’ve been an avid massage fan for some time now, but only this week have seriously considered taking steps to pursue the art of male massage as a potential sideline career. I haven’t done any research as of yet, but thought I’d start the discussion here as to how those who have achieved any level of success in the field started out? Are qualifications essential, and if so, where/what/how to train? (And where not to train!!) In the meantime, always up for trading, I’m nowhere near a standard to think about any of this anytime soon. (From the discussion forum, Manchester Manhood Massage Meditation)

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Hello,  I have been a successful male masseur for more than 20 years. I have no massage quailification or certificates. It has afforded me a life beyond my expectations. I absolutely love my work. Can I give you two words of advice. Do it!

P.s. The best way to do the research is to get paid for doing it. Offer something unique. Mr Cox


The Jolly Lolly

The Male Deer Exercise is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve male sexual health. It is believed that it can transform a man’s sexual ability, and strengthen the body’s sex organs. For best results the Male Deer Exercise should be done when you are naked and relaxed, and when you have a really firm erection, seems to work best with your “morning erection”. To be effective, it should be performed daily. It will give you great sexual energy and will improve your overall physical and mental well-being. Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair, with your cock and balls gently hanging over the edge. It is important to be in a warm environment.

Part 1

It is important to maintain a smile throughout the exercise. Heat your hands by rubbing them furiously together. Cup the right hand around the testicles, holding them gently and warming the scrotum. The thumb of the right hand should rest on top of the base of the penis shaft, right next to the abdomen. Now place your left palm just between your belly-button, and above the base of the penis, rub 81 times in a circular motion in a clockwise position. Use enough pressure so that your palm is warming the area as you make the circular movements. Then rub your hand furiously together again, and then switch hands. So this time cup your balls you’re your left hand and make the circular motions with your right hand in an anti clockwise direction. Breathe deeply throughout your experience and enjoy the warming feelings. Should you start to lose you erection at anytime gently massage your cock back to erection and continue with the exercise, but do not brake the cycle of 81.

Part 2

It is important to maintain a smile throughout the exercise. Now, rest your hands on your lap. Make your hands into fists by encircling your thumbs with your fingers. Pull your finger in tightly as this activates a number of important acupressure points. Continue to breathe deeply and then contract and lift the perineum (the muscles between your balls and your arse). It will seem as you are gently lifting your balls. Keep breathing deeply as you relax while holding the contraction for a minute, or as long as is comfortable. You only need to do this step once. Feel the energy emanate from your peneniem muscle travel around your body, tingly downward to our feet, and upwards through your spine up into your brain. If your not sure which muscle to contract think of the muscle you would use to stop pissing in the middle of a really strong piss, that’s the muscle to contract and lift.

Effects of the Male Deer Exercise:

It is believed the male deer exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body, and helps men to experience full-body orgasms. It can also help to strengthen your erection, increase semen production and promotes prostatic health. For best results it should be performed daily. At the end of the exercise you should give your arse a good wiggle (flutter) as you smile broadly, as if you were a deer.


tantric male masseur manchester

Absolutely anyone can become a successful tantric male masseur. You don’t need any qualifications or certificates. Learn how to give a full body sensual(including lingam) male massage using easy to learn techniques in this amazing one day workshop. Whether you want to use the knowledge you learn to become a professional “tantric” masseur or just as a way of connecting with other men on a more spiritual level, we do hope you come along, we think you would be amazing. This hands-on practical workshop runs from 2.30 pm till 8.30 pm. You will be encouraged to develop your own erotic energy ritual, your own magickal male massage. This is also a great session for men who are shy, as it will help them to see the possibilities and help to build up confidence in themselves. Please note, that unlike our Saturday Events, this is a full day session. This one day workshop will guide you to success. Donation £49.

reserve manchester male massage

The workshop will run as follows 2.00 – 2.30 Welcome and Introductions 2.30 – 3.00 The Undressing Ritual 3,00 – 3.30 Awakening male tantric touch techniques demo: 3.30 – 4,30 Creative Male Tantric Touch – Practice Session: 4.30 – 4.45 An Introduction to Male Energy Zones(Chakras) 4.45 – 5.00 Lingam Massage Techniques 5.00 – 5.30 Tantric Tea Break 5.30 – 6.45 Male Massage Ritual (Part 1) 6.45 – 8.00 Male Massage Ritual (Part 2) 8.00 – 9.00 Q&As

reserve manchester male massage


ƃuᴉlᴉǝɔ ǝɥʇ uo ƃuᴉʌᴉl

Here in the UK we are taught that while giving or recieving male massage we must be still and quite. This event is an invitation to take your massage to a new level, it’s a very gentle revolution, not just for the man giving the massage but also for the man lying on the table. After our slow sensual undressing ritual, there will be an opportunity to choose a man to celebrate the magick of a man’s touch with each man taking it on turn to mount the massage table. We will introduce you to the shamanic art of journeying as you are invited to place offering on our alter, as in the old Scotish Ritual of Beggar’s Benison. We will conclude the evening with a glass of champagne(from Lidl) and some tantric supper. We are blessed, we attract a complete mixture of experience, from professioanl to men who have never even touched another man before. It’s an event for warriors, men who actual do, rather than talk. I do hope you come, I think you would be amazing. Please bring a flat sheet, towel, and some food to share.


If your interested in connecting with other men, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new male massage techniques along the way then we would be delighted to invite you to join us. You will meet the most amazing men. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help, encourage and guide you.




magick cock massage ritual

You will be encouraged to develop your own amazing cock massage ritual. These two classes will demonstrate 26 new easy to learn techniques(from my forthcoming book, Penis Massage 4 Professionals). After our undressing ritual, each man will have an opportunity to give and receive a massage. Please bring some cards with your contact details so you can arrange some massages exchanges or promote your male massage business. Expect to be touched, relaxed and inspired.

reserve manchester male massage


Male Massage Manchester Master-class

Below are comments from men who attended these workshop previously.
Really glad I attended, great host, in a relaxed atmosphere, lots of tips on the type of massage and an amazing massage, great guys there, great nights sleep, well worth the trip over, I want to practice more now …

Great host, great atmosphere, relaxed, informative, highly recommended. Go in with an open mind and heart and come out with new energy and friends. If anyone is reading this and still not tried tantric massage then I’d say ‘what are you waiting for?’

A wonderful introduction to tantra massage. I loved the way we were encouraged to connect and care for our massage partners and thanks to the all other participants for a calm but very stimulating experience. Fantastic journey.

Great tuition and a great bunch of guys to work with.

Well what an amazing 4 hours, was a little nervous at first but soon got into it after the undressing ritual! A massive thanks to everyone. Hope to put what i’ve learnt into practice very soon.

Loved it! Thank you Seb for your words of wisdom and encouragement! I have tried to implement some of the suggestions: focusing on the breath, massaging with the eyes closed, listening to the music … and it does make for a better massage! Look forward to future events.

Wonderful, fantastic, pleasureable. Well worth the journey to get there. A great group of guys who were eager to learn and fulfil their potential.
Great to have “hands on” experience. An absolutely beautiful time of giving and receiving in a safe environment with a great bunch of guys
Seb creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, which enables participants to relax and explore the wonderful world of tantric massage. It was really nice and especially the brotherhood feeling I got there. The men were amazing with obvious good intentions and took exceptional care of each other. What an amazing group of men and what a fabulous energy.
The time just flew by and the the evening seemed to be over before it had even started! can’t wait to see you all again. Lots of useful stuff was demonstrated and practised; experienced, relaxed and knowlegeable instructors. A lovely group of guys to work with and practise the high-energy erotic routines.

It was great to meet you guys and share with you my little knowledge. Definitely a five star experience!

I met some amazing men and gained the confidence to give a good tantric massage. Being a shy person, I felt I came out of my shell. Altogether an afternoon of learning in a fun, welcoming and safe environment. May not be relevant but, for or the first time in years I had a full 8 hour sleep!

reserve manchester male massage

About Mr Cox
Seb Cox is an Erotic Masseur for men in Central London. He has more than 20 years experience. Individual private bodywork massage with Mr. Cox are also available. More information available on his website. His other experiences include, Sex Toy Designer(Nexus), Sex Worker of the Year(Erotic Awards London 2003). He is the founder of the Brotherhood of Pleasure.