Comments from men who have attended our meetups

I admit i was quite nervous about attending but in the end i just went for it. And now i am so happy i did because the whole afternoon was FANTASTIC. All the Guys who were there were really lovely & friendly to each other. It was an afternoon of pure Joy & love by all the Lads who were there

Fantastic afternoon with men who do rather than sit on the side-line. The energy in the room at the end was amazing!
Such a pleasure to feel so uninhibited in the company of thoughtful men!

A special, intimate session of sharing pleasure and giving for their own sake and for each other. It was great to be part of it! Thank you, Seb,

Thanks for organising such a nice ing and I felt really energised afterwards. It was a very sensual experience for me.

Thank you to everyone this afternoon particularly my massage partner. Quite simply WONDERFUL. Time felt suspended. I left relaxed, happy and with a strong sense of connection. It’s not often you get to sit around naked whilst busy Manchester continues on outside. Hope to attend again.

What a great way to end a great weekend. It reminded me of the importance of touch and sensuality.
I honestly enjoyed the meeting, I was nervous at first but then Seb, Jon and Hanks made me feel welcome and relax. The session was very educational, and I had the change to learn a lot of new erotic techniques. Will defo be coming back again x

Such a pleasure to feel so uninhibited in the company of thoughtful men!

Being a shy person, I felt I came out of my shell. Altogether an afternoon of learning in a fun, welcoming and safe environment. May not be relevant but, for or the first time in years I had a full 8 hour sleep!

Thanks for organising such a nice session yesterday evening on the A to Z of Cock Massage . It was very fulfilling and I felt really energised afterwards. It was a very sensual experience for me.

What a great way to end a great weekend. It reminded me of the importance of touch and sensuality.

A wonderful intimate afternoon of superb touch, thank you to all the men that made it so. Those of you that didn’t come missed something very special!!

A great, non-threatening, supportive space for men to learn grow and discover their sexual and inner potential. Relaxing, sensual, spiritual.

Great experience, never had 4 handed massage before

Comfortable, Caring, Sensual, Touching, Feeling, Nice people, Nice Place, Nice Nite.

An excellent therapeutic & healthy approach to fitness & wellbeing. Roll on next session!!

way over expectations – great! Group of guys leaders and advisers were all specialists and participants all really nice. Like to come back soon.

Great space and facilities very near tram and bus stops. So good to see Seb back in Manchester with his Jade Dragon. All delivered a feast of food and relaxed fellowship with fabulous massage. I cant wait for next month and Seb’s A-Z of Cock Massage.

A very relaxed vibe with great encouragement and guidance. The company was first class as well.

Loved it! Thank you Seb for your words of wisdom and encouragement! I have tried to implement some of the suggestions: focusing on the breath, massaging with the eyes closed, listening to the music … and it does make for a better massage! Look forward to future events.

Truth, Goodness, Beauty – all in a respectful and safe envoronment. It is an opportunity to truly connect with yourself and others…and to demistify Tantra! Great One Seb!

The time just flew by and the the evening seemed to be over before it had even started! can’t wait to see you all again. Lots of useful stuff was demonstrated and practised; experienced, relaxed and knowlegeable instructors. A lovely group of guys to work with and practise the high-energy erotic routines. It was great to meet you guys and share with you my little knowledge. Definitely a five star experience!

Seb creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, which enables participants to relax and explore. It was really nice and especially the brotherhood feeling I got there. The men were amazing with obvious good intentions and took exceptional care of each other. What an amazing group of men and what a fabulous energy.

Great host, great atmosphere, relaxed, informative, highly recommended. Go in with an open mind and heart and come out with new energy and friends. If anyone is reading this and still not tried then I’d say ‘what are you waiting for?’
Thanks to the all other participants for a calm but very stimulating experience. Fantastic journey.

Well what an amazing 4 hours, was a little nervous at first but soon got into it after the undressing ritual! A massive thanks to everyone. Hope to put what i’ve learnt into practice very soon

Wonderful, fantastic, pleasureable. Well worth the journey to get there. A great group of guys who were eager to learn and fulfil their potential.

Great to have “hands on” experience. An absolutely beautiful time in a safe environment with a great bunch of guys

Really glad I attended yesterday’s group, great host, in a relaxed atmosphere, lots of tips,  great guys there, great nights sleep, well worth the trip over, I want to practice more now

Great experience with great bunch of people. Very welcoming and was quite surprised how much I got into it. Frees the mind and body, not bad for a Wednesday night.

Not only is it a way of meeting like minded people and as the first two meet ups proved a way of connecting with others, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new techniques along the way. Warwick

celebrate touch hapiness and your beautiful lingam of course and thank to kindness of seb. ” benoit

A great environment to learn and practice. Loved being natrually naked with other like-minded men in a non-judgemental and non-critical atmosphere. Hands on experience in every way – the only way to learn how to give in a more fulfilling way.

On my first visit to this group I have come away wanting to learn more about not only tantric but also the people in this group. Hopefully my next meetup with the group will be equally as rewarding. kj

An extremely pleasant group of like minded guys with no pressure or hassle from anyone.

There should be more groups like this, brave enough to want to get this knowledge out to men.

Awesome, warm, safe, good energy, looking forward for the next meeting, thanks Seb.

So that they can find a connection with other gay men on a much deeper level. To share love, massage and excitement. Tantra is beauty in this shallow gay scene.

I’m happy 2 learn all pleasures so that I may return the same and more 2 all ! On there own or togther!!

Great atmosphere! Lovely guys and I’ve learnt a lot! First time after a huge trauma I could reconnect to my body and release it. Didn’t realise how quick time passed by! E

first time I have been to this type of event. What a great experience. Every thing was explained well. The other guys that came made the afternoon a memorable experience for us all.

Very relaxing. I feel very well even after 2 days. Great to meet friendly people. STEPHAN

The whole session was very satisfying. It has opened a new world for me Thanks to everyone who gave so much to make it work.

sebs warmth permeates the proceedings leaving everyone relaxed and happily interacting

Very welcoming and was quite surprised how much I got into the tantric massage. Frees the mind and body. T

Fantastic !  I experienced full body orgasm which I had only read about before. Good energy and a sexy smile from Seb. Good to share horny male energy in a different way. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your group massage session again. Thank, You. L

The format in which one takes it in turns to be massaged by the other guys works very well. The whole room very quickly became highly tantric, due in no small part to your expert involvement. The background music was perfect, and time seemed to stand still.

Great  tantric energy  in  touch, Ability  to  rejoice  and  enjoy  the  sexuality  of  men.

Very  well  paced  no  hurry  but  led.   Only  problem  is  dealing  with  the  outer  world,   once  session  is  over.  Relaxing  and  re; insertion  into  world  is  helpful,  Safe  and  warm  venue,  great  music.

Seb’s masculine energy worked perfectly well. His ener calmness and strong eye contact raise itself the  Kundalini Shakti upwards very – very uplifting.

Very relaxed session. Pure joy with a great bunch of people. We were all smiles and full of energy at the end.

Terrific event, most enjoyable – thanks everyone!

Excellent, Great, supportive non-judgmental group

A great afternoon, a really nice bunch of men. Intimate and loads of fun.


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