Manhood Massage Meditation Classes Manchester

Hello Gentlemen, really looking forward to coming back to Manchester with my favourite class. Great to see so many men have joined the group since my last visit in June. I would like to welcome each and every one of them and am hoping at least some will be brave enough to come along to either of our celebration events that we will be having before Christmas.

The Revised A-z of penis massage. New techniques include the tantric thumb, D is 4 Dance, The Chicken Chuck, Jelq Juicer and the Vibrating Viper. It will be a fun class with time, to relax, and an opportunity to give and receive a massage. These easy to learn techniques will take your massage to a higher level. welcome. What makes our workshops unique There are no long lectures as we believe that erotic learning is more effective when bypassing your conscious mind. No previous experience is necessary, everyone is welcome. For more info, please see the full listing.

The Lingam Massage Championship. We are on a mission, to find the champion lingam masseurs in the Uk. No previous experience is necessary, everyone is welcome. This is intended as a fun event to celebrate our lingam massage excellence! You are welcome to attend with a preferred recipient if you wish. You are also welcome to attend solo and choose who to work with as usual. I am looking for a company to sponsor the prizes for this event. For more info, please see the full listing.

In the coming weeks I will be adding lots of classes and event for 2017. If any tickle your fancy, please RSVP “yes”, as that will give me an indication of what our almighty members might like.

A big hug 4 you

Mr cOx





To caress the world with their magic hands

Seb Cox runs a massage club
Its fair to say he likes to rub
I haven’t been for one just yet
But am I willing – hell, you bet

Other guys with a like-mind
Hone their skills so they’re refined
They practice soothing and relieving
Once you lay down, no way you’re leaving

I wonder if this thought it fair?
Can one massage through thick hair?
My chest is not a forest, true
Considering this will regular oil do?

Seb and his group they have big plans;
To caress the world with their magic hands
I hear they make men feel sublime
Curing man-stress one guy at a time

I wrote this ode in admiration
I tremble at the thought of your stimulation
And if you need a volunteer
Listen up Seb, for I am right here.

(by the wonderful Rich)