10 reasons you should come to our cock celebration

We have space for 18 men : Celebrate the erotic power of masculinity through lingam massage and meditation. We have space for 18 men

Something I have always really wanted to try : I have asked Martin to keep the yoga part of the class really simple so that even fat men like myself can have a go at something I have always really wanted to try.

Meet the Most Amazing Men : As I have always said, there are two types of men. Men who talk and Men who do. The class is an opportunity to be in the company of other men who do. You will meet the most amazing men, you will find them inspirational.

Don’t Worry, be Happy : DON’T WORRY if you have not attended one of our celebrations before, as the more experienced members will BE HAPPY to encourage and guide you.

Don’t be Shy, Give it a Try : This male massage event is also a great session for men who are shy, as it will help them to see the possibilities and help to build up confidence in themselves.

Absolutely Clear Understanding : Many of our celebration workshops include lingam massage, but there is absolutely clear understanding not to engage in sexual acts.

All good men, gay, bisexual and str8 welcome. We create a space where every man is accepted for who he is. In this sacred space we don’t judge anyone or say or do anything that would make anyone feel in anyway uncomfortable.

Pioneering Erotic Learning 4 Men : What makes our workshops unique is that there are no long lectures as we believe that erotic learning is more effective when bypassing your conscious mind. Learn by touch.

Each person’s experience is unique. Learn how to give an amazing erotic ritualised manhood massage and meditation. Whether you want to use the skills you learn to become a professional erotic masseur or just as a way of connecting with other men on a more spiritual level, we do hope you come along, we think you would be amazing.

Last Class : Our last class before we take a few months break for our Summer Holidays. Thank you for all your support over the Year, especially to all the men who came to the classes.

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P.S Forgot to mention, Your Most Slowest, Most Softest, Most Sensual Penis Massage EVER!

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