ƃuᴉlᴉǝɔ ǝɥʇ uo ƃuᴉʌᴉl

Here in the UK we are taught that while giving or recieving male massage we must be still and quite. This event is an invitation to take your massage to a new level, it’s a very gentle revolution, not just for the man giving the massage but also for the man lying on the table. After our slow sensual undressing ritual, there will be an opportunity to choose a man to celebrate the magick of a man’s touch with each man taking it on turn to mount the massage table. We will introduce you to the shamanic art of journeying as you are invited to place offering on our alter, as in the old Scotish Ritual of Beggar’s Benison. We will conclude the evening with a glass of champagne(from Lidl) and some tantric supper. We are blessed, we attract a complete mixture of experience, from professioanl to men who have never even touched another man before. It’s an event for warriors, men who actual do, rather than talk. I do hope you come, I think you would be amazing. Please bring a flat sheet, towel, and some food to share.


If your interested in connecting with other men, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new male massage techniques along the way then we would be delighted to invite you to join us. You will meet the most amazing men. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the more experienced masseurs will help, encourage and guide you.



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